About the Gaia01 compute node

Gaia01 is a compute node owned by the Bioinformatics group, equipped with 2 AMD EPYC 7352 CPUs (24 physical cores per socket), 512 GB of RAM (10.6 GB/core), 4 NVIDIA A100 GPUs and a local scratch area of ~890 GB. Only the Bioinformatics group has access to this node.

Unlike regular cluster nodes, computations on Gaia01 are not managed by the PBS scheduling system. Instead, this node is equipped with the 'Interactive Computing Environment for big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence' (ICE4AI) by E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING.
To use ICE4AI, just visit the following URL with your web browser, then enter your Trantor credentials to log in: https://ice4ai.gaia01.sns.it/

In addition, Gaia01 also hosts RStudio Server Open Source Edition. The service is available at the following URL (enter your Trantor credentials to log in): https://rstudio.gaia01.sns.it/

Both ICE4AI and RStudio are available only within the SNS network (or via VPN).

If you need (or prefer) to run R without logging into RStudio, you can find R v4.1 available as an environment module.

Finally, note that Gaia01 is equipped with a 890GB local scratch area. As usual, use this storage area (and not your home dir!) to perform I/O-intensive tasks. Also remember to copy any relevant file from the scratch back into your home folder at the end of the computation. In fact, local scratch areas are not backed up and can be erased by the technical staff for maintenance purposes.
You can find additional notes on scratch areas here.